Hosted by Ed and Amanda, the Not Quite Write podcast explores the intricacies of fiction writing, media and current events, from a writer’s perspective.

Ever since the day he placed second in a high school short-story competition, Ed has fancied himself as something of a writer.

He is a self-confessed literary masochist, whose disdain of happy endings and preference for arduous and harrowing literature have earned him the title, “Case-hardened Wowser.”

Aside from being a serial writing-competition enterer, his hobbies include: avoiding Vegemite, abhorring ellipses, and obsessively rewriting opening sentences. In the future, Ed aspires to become as handsome as his AI-enhanced avatar.

Ed posts prolifically on Goodreads under the cunning pseudonym, Edward.

Amanda was first published in The Sydney Morning Herald at the tender age of seven with a charming poem about the joy of Christmas.

Since then, Amanda has gone on to enjoy wider publication, including opinion pieces and feature articles across major Australian mastheads and industry magazines.

Amanda’s competitive spirit extends from the page to the small screen, having won prizes for both her fiction and her quiz show prowess.

Amanda identifies as a “plotter” and sprinkles commas like salt. She is currently procrastinating on her third middle-grade novel, set in an abandoned theme park.

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