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Not Quite Rite



A fun alternative to Patreon, the Not Quite Rite gives you the opportunity to financially support the podcast while getting a little something in return.

Perhaps you’re suffering from writer’s block? Or barely holding your head above the query trenches? Or you’ve completely lost the will to go on? (We’ve all been there…)

Purchase a Not Quite Rite and watch all your troubles melt away!

How it works

When you purchase a Not Quite Rite you’ll be given the option to enter an intention. This intention is what you’re asking us to focus on as we perform a really weird ritual in your honour.

While on air, we’ll start by lighting a candle and reading your intention. Then we’ll invite the members of the Not Quite Write community to join us in calling on the ghosts of authors past.

We’ll draw out a book from the Not Quite Write Library, turn to a random page and recite the first complete sentence as your writerly fortune. You are then free to use this new insight and the collective energy of your fellow Not Quite Writers to break through your writing challenges.

You can purchase a Not Quite Rite for yourself or as a gift for a writing friend. (And yes, it’s completely delusional – just like the rest of our writing life!)

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