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Shameless Self-promotion



At Not Quite Write, we want to offer you an accessible, low-cost way to promote your own writing projects.

Got a book to sell? Want to drive traffic to your blog? Or maybe you want to get the word out about your own writing-related podcast?

Take a dive off our platform!

How it works

Shameless Self-promotion offers you 15-20 seconds of mid-roll airtime on a single regular episode of Not Quite Write.

You write an ad of up to 50 words, and Ed or Amanda will read it verbatim on the podcast. The ad is baked in, meaning its there for the life of the podcast. Simply add your copy when you checkout this item.

Keep it professional or get silly with it: whatever YOU write, WE will say.*

The fine print

*We’re woke af and we won’t say anything overtly offensive or likely to get us cancelled – at least, not on air!

You’re responsible for making sure your ad is above board, and you promise to carry any losses or liabilities associated with your ad and the product you’re promoting.

Official media partner