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  • Interview with Fiona Lloyd at Words on the Waves

    Interview with Fiona Lloyd at Words on the Waves

    Number 1 in our series of 8 interviews at the 2023 Words on the Waves Writers Festival, we chat with the festival’s children’s program coordinator and middle grade author, Fiona Lloyd. Fiona’s debut children’s novel ‘Being Jimmy Baxter’ launches with Penguin Random House on 4 July. In our chat, we talk dark themes in middle…

  • #8 – A Whaley Good Time

    #8 – A Whaley Good Time

    Join Ed and Amanda on a podyssey of epic proportions as we dive into The Whale. Was the film really fatphobic? And what does that mean for writers?And together we’ll celebrate the launch of the #NotQuiteWritePrize by advertently averting adverbs.

  • #7 – Mowing Down the Competition

    #7 – Mowing Down the Competition

    It’s a write-off! Winning strategies for flash and microfiction competitions and how writing prompts can either spark inspiration or spontaneously combust it.In Get Rec’d, the Grass is Greener, but the competition is anything but healthy.Plus, we officially launch the Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction!

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